1. 1174667_448998941879417_419218594_n 1237982_448998808546097_1200909775_n 1185684_448998815212763_106371278_n 1233324_448998818546096_1309793228_n 1236032_448998845212760_169832201_n 999130_448998848546093_1306328973_n 1208739_448998861879425_1309892219_n 1229848_448998895212755_280469264_n 1176135_448998901879421_2022274415_n 1236172_448998931879418_2060462078_nSticker Set SGD9.50
  2. Button Set SGD10.50
  3. Shopping Bag SGD9.50
  4. Handkerchief SGD15
  5. Bracelet SGD14
  6. Slogan SGD15
  7. Earcap SGD11
  8. Card Case SGD22
  9. T-shirt SGD23
  10. Photocard Set SGD18

RELEASE DATE: 13th of September



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