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  1. Sticker Set SGD16
  2. Tattoo Sticker SGD15
  3. Silver Mask SGD15
  4. L-Holder Set SGD15
  5. Image Picket(fan)-choose member SGD15
  6. Card Case SGD21
  7. B.A.P Design Pin Button Set (8PCS) SGD21
  8. Beach Bag(Limited Edition) SGD36
  9. Team T-shirt (limited Edition) SGD36
  10. Team Hoodie(Size:M,L) SGD78
  11. Accessory Matoki Key Chain (limited Edition) SGD49
  12. Badman Signed CD(Random Members) SGD29
  13. Whistle SGD16
  14. Towel SGD16
  15. Matoki Lightstick SGD35
  16. Matoki Earcap(1PC)[RANDOM] SGD16

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